General rules of conduct on the site:

Let's start with the fact that the site communicate hundreds of people of different religions and views, and they are all full visitors to our site, so if we want this community of people to function and we need rules. We strongly recommend that you read these rules, it will take you only five minutes, but will save us and you time and help make the site more interesting and organized.

Let's start with the fact that on our website you need to behave respectfully to all visitors to the site. Do not insult the participants, it is always unnecessary. If you have a complaint - contact Administrators or Moderators (use personal messages). Insulting other visitors is considered to be one of the most serious violations and is severely punished by the administration. Racism, religious and political statements are strictly prohibited in our country. Thank you in advance for your understanding and desire to make our site more polite and friendly.

The site is strictly prohibited:

1. Obscene or offensive expressions, words and consonant words and phrases in both Russian and English writing, including transliteration. 
2. Personal and group insults, humiliation of persons of a particular sex, sexual orientation, religion, other topics that are incompatible with the generally accepted laws of morality and decency.
3.. Discrimination and promotion of discrimination at all levels, including national, racial, religious, ethnic, sexual.
4. Political and religious propaganda.
5. Any messages of an advertising nature.
6. Any other kind of provocative behavior.
7. Propaganda of drugs and psychotropic substances.
8. Any manifestations of Nazism, nationalism, incitement to racial, ethnic, religious strife and enmity, calls for the overthrow of power by force.
9. Discussion of methods of hacking protection and any illegal ways to bypass the protection of Wargaming software products.
10. Attempts to impersonate a developer, an official of Wargaming projects, a representative of the project administration.
11. Messages about buying, selling and exchanging accounts. 
12. An insult to the Wargaming projects.
13. Insult to company officials Wargaming 
14. Publication of information from the supertest is prohibited.
15. On the site may be blocked to any persons without explanation.
16. Begging (requests to transfer real money, game gold, game values, etc.) in any form.
17. Soliciting or soliciting personal information, including logins and passwords for accounts or emails.
18. Placement of pornographic and erotic materials or links to them.
19. Discussion of issues of modern politics as deliberately provoking conflicts. It is also prohibited to reduce military-historical discussions to topical political topics.
20. Provoking a violation of the rules of the game, the license agreement and other rules.
21. Dissemination of information that is directly or indirectly related to organizations, historical or political figures convicted by international tribunals or recognized as terrorist, socially dangerous and illegal. Among other things, the use of Nazi symbols, terms and symbols (such as "SS"), as well as the names of relevant historical figures is a violation.
22. It is possible to block at the user's own will, as well as to delete the profile.
27. Prohibited distribution of prohibited modifications. 

If you violate the rules, you may be given a warning. In some cases, you may be banned without warning. The ban reason to write administrator.
Rules are subject to change without notice. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.
For violation of the rules forces you to block in the group. 

Let's respect each other and the site where You and other readers come to communicate and Express their thoughts. The site administration reserves the right to delete comments or part of comments if they do not meet these requirements.